Video Projects

"Who Am I Going To Be?"

"Who Am I Going To Be?" is a 45 minute documentary film exploring the experiences and challenges of teenaged African refugees who were resettled in New Hampshire. The film was an official selection at the 2014 NH Film Festival.

"Who Am I Going To Be?" was a several year project that was significantly funded by the New Hampshire Humanities Council and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. I worked on the film with producer Lynn Clowes, who works with immigrant and minority communities in New Hampshire to help them adjust to life in the United States. Bill Rogers, an award winning filmmaker based in Rochester, NH, was brought on to help direct the project.

My role was multifaceted and included the following:

  • pre-production (planning / story writing)
  • production
    • HD video, audio, lighting of interviews
    • b-roll planning and shooting
  • post-production
    • logging and keyword tagging  of footage
    • editing all cuts of the film: assembly, rough cuts, final cuts
    • narration
    • animation and graphics
    • collecting support images and research
    • titles and lower thirds
    • color correcting
    • audio enhancements and balancing

You can see the whole film here.

Culture Forums for Healthcare Providers

This was an editing project for Ascentria Care Alliance in New Hampshire. A series of 5 forums, with 3 speakers each were conducted during 2019 to provide cultural sensitivity training for Health Care workers in New Hampshire. These forums were filmed by Hank Osborne of Ascentria, and I was hired to edit the presentations from the various speakers to provide a concise and informative set of videos to be used in training workshops.

My roles on this project were the following:​

  • post-production
    • logging and keyword tagging  of footage
    • editing 5 forums into 14 separate presentations
    • animation and graphics
    • titles and lower thirds
    • color correcting
    • audio enhancements and balancing

Below are a few samples of the presentations.

Ryan Fowler: Substance Use Disorders Perspectives

Mariela Di Tulio: Argentinian and Latinx Perspectives

Bruno Soares: Brazilian Perspectives

Grande Communications & Atlantic Broadband

I worked with 9 Dot Square in Boston, MA to shoot and edit over forty-five 30-second TV spots for two cable service providers: Atlantic Broadband on the US east coast, and Grande Communications in Texas.

I was Director of Photography for all of these shoots, and shot video footage on location in the markets and then edited the footage to produce testimonials of cable customers praising the services of the companies.

My roles on this project included:​

  • pre-production
    • planning
    • collaborating with the Art Director on location selection
  • production
    • Director of Photography shooting both SD and HD video
    • equipment operation and maintenance, including dolly, crane and shots from a moving van and helicopter
  • post-production
    • logging and keyword tagging of footage
    • editing all spots
    • color correcting
    • music and voiceover tracks
    • audio enhancements and balancing

The markets we shot in were:

Atlantic Broadband

Aiken, SC
Altoona and Johnstown, PA
Cumberland, MD
Grasonville, MD
Miami Beach, FL
Middletown, DE

Grande Communications

Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Midland, Odessa, San Antonio, San Marcos, Waco, TX

You can see samples of the TV spots.