Grande Communications & Atlantic Broadband

Below are samples of 30 second TV testimonial spots for Grande Communications in Texas and Atlantic Broadband.

The series for Atlantic Broadband was shot over the course of many years, including markets all along the eastern seaboard:

  • Altoona and Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • Aiken, South Carolina
  • Cumberland, Maryland
  • Middletown, Delaware
  • Miami Beach, Florida

I was the Director of Photography for both of these series of spots, going on location to scout locations and shoot all of the footage. I was responsible for all aspects of shooting and collaborated with the Art Director on some creative decisions. I was also Editor for both series of spots. In all, I completed the shooting and editing of over 45 30-second spots over several years.

This work was done in collaboration with the advertising agency 9 Dot Square in Boston, MA.

Grande Communications

Atlantic Broadband: Miami